Our Values

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Our Values

Gospel Centered

We resolve to be a church that proclaims and relies on the full counsel of God’s redemptive message of sovereign grace revealed to us in the finished work of Jesus Christ. This Gospel of good news enables and propels us through the power of the Holy Spirit to live a new, special relationship with God.


The Gospel compels us to love one another because God, who first loved us in Jesus Christ, has given us the ability to love others as ourselves. The Gospel creates a new family whereby authentic community, fellowship and discipleship occur out of the shared identity we have in Christ.


As a church we humbly work to bring all aspects of individual and corporate life under the rule of Christ – not by standing against the city, but as agents of God for the city and its welfare. The Gospel transforms all areas of life and flourishes the totality of a person, churches, communities and culture at large.


We desire to be a church that reflects the unified work of Christ and the richness of his body — where all God’s peoples are considered a gift to both our leadership and congregation, no matter their ethnicity, social economic status, educational background, or age.


As a church that sees God as a missional God who is engaged in His creation through his people, our desire as His called-and-sent people, is to live on mission in our local community and among the nations by sharing the Gospel, both with our lives and our words.


We long to be a church that exudes the joy that the Gospel of grace liberates us to have in Christ. Because God is faithfully and powerfully at work in us, through us, and around us, by faith we choose to celebrate what God alone deserves to receive glory for.


Prayer is more than just talking to God (although it certainly is that). Ultimately, prayer is about dependence upon God. We pray to confess that we need God. We pray to acknowledge Him alone as God. Prayer is a core value of Grace Family because we know that our vision and values can only be impacted if God’s sovereign hand and blessing is upon us. We pray because we know that only God can make our church and our city healthy. We walk by faith and in prayer. God accomplishes the work.