Living the Christian Life

October 20, 2019
Living the Christian life is about imitating God in love, obedience and wisdom by his example and enablement.

Living as Changed People

October 13, 2019
How does the Gospel change people? Is there anything now we must do in light of the change God has done?

A Healthy Church (Part 2)

October 6, 2019
A healthy church is also a church that serves and grows together. A people enabled and equipped by grace to love each other and their community with truth in love.

“A Healthy Church (Part 1)”

September 29, 2019
A healthy church is a united church. A people redeemed by God who stay together and who are learning how to live in light of their new found corporate identity…

Praying for Power

September 22, 2019
Where do you turn to when you are discouraged, in weakness, or confronted with failure? Christians are assured of the Spirit of God’s work to help them experientially comprehend the…

Unity in Our Diversity

September 8, 2019
The Gospel of Christ is the ultimate equalizer. Living in light of Christ’s unifying work as God’s people, we celebrate in diversity.