JONAH (Part 5)

February 16, 2020
You ever struggle with desiring more evidence for the truths found in Christianity? With wanting a sign from God? Jesus teaches us how he’s greater than Jonah, and has become…

JONAH (Part 4)

February 9, 2020
Jonah was caught between the vice of his own self-will on the one hand, and the strong hand of God on the other. The more he pushed, the more God…

JONAH (Part 2)

January 26, 2020
How does God respond when we’ve come to the end of ourselves and hit rock-bottom? God’s forgiveness meets us at our lowest not because of the depth of our sorrow…

Jesus, Our Love

December 22, 2019
God desires us to awake to his “one-way" love for us displayed in Jesus Christ, that then works through us.

Jesus, Our Peace

December 8, 2019
God’s all-encompassing vision of his presence in Christ Jesus mending and renewing every part of life is seen in these three vivid pictures from Isaiah -- miracles, judgement and joy.…

Jesus, Our Hope

December 6, 2019
God instills hope in his people through the most unusual way! And the way we obtain this gift of hope is simply by receiving it -- receiving Jesus.