A gospel-centered, diverse, urban church for the heart of Rogers Park.

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Our Mission

We are a gospel-centered, diverse, urban community of people in Rogers Park that proclaim and seek to live out the life-changing message of Jesus Christ amongst all peoples, for the flourishing of our city, and the glory of God.


Our Pastor

Jorge Rodriguez

Pastor-Teacher, Elder


Randy Babb


Statement of Faith

We are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join us Sundays

We gather on
Sundays at 10AM

New Field Elementary School
1707 W. Morse Ave.
Chicago, 60626

We come together each week as a family to worship Jesus Christ.

Anyone is welcome to join us on Sundays to learn more about Jesus, Christianity, and our community. We gather every Sunday morning with the purpose of focusing our eyes and lives on the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We worship through music, prayer, the reading and preaching of God’s Word, fellowship and communion as a means of celebrating and remembering the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. We invite you to participate with us as we gather for corporate worship. If you’re skeptical or unsure about Christianity, we invite you to come with questions, doubts, concerns, and see what it looks like for the church to gather together.


Living as Changed People

October 13, 2019
How does the Gospel change people? Is there anything now we must do in light of the change God has done?

A Healthy Church (Part 2)

October 6, 2019
A healthy church is also a church that serves and grows together. A people enabled and equipped by grace to love each other and their community with truth in love.

“A Healthy Church (Part 1)”

September 29, 2019
A healthy church is a united church. A people redeemed by God who stay together and who are learning how to live in light of their new found corporate identity…
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To cultivate a love for God in every child that walks through our doors.

Every Sunday at GRACE Kids, children up to 4th grade can experience a fun learning environment that includes singing, crafts, physical activities and an engaging Bible story taught by our teachers that will point them to Christ and the beauty of the Gospel. We actively seek to partner with families to cultivate this love for God in them.

Community Groups

In a city that can often be lonely and disconnected, we aim to create rhythms and spaces for meaningful relationships, engaging with God’s Word, caring for one another, and seeking to love and serve our city.

Our Community Groups exist to reflect and advance the gospel. They are smaller neighborhood-based communities of people desiring to grow in their knowledge and love of God by sharing life and engaging the Bible together, meeting one another’s needs, and serving their neighborhoods. It’s in these places where we learn weekly how to carry each other’s burdens, and celebrate life’s joys together.


Thursdays, 7PM-9PM

Gustavo & Amalia Islas’ Home

(Albion & Campbell)

Fridays, 7PM-9PM

Randy & Jordan Babb’s Home

(Greenview & Morse)

Youth Group

Wednesday, 5:30PM-7:30PM

David and Rebekah Ceballos’ Home

(Albion & Clark)


1st Saturday of the month, 9AM

Grace Café: A Place for Every Woman.

Hosted by Jordan Babb.

Mercy Ministries

Coming Soon!

We believe that mercy ministry naturally stems out of the Gospel.

In the same way that God’s first act of mercy included the covering of Adam and Eve's nakedness to avert their shame caused by their sin, to God incarnate revealing his most complete illustration of mercy in Christ Jesus through his life, death and resurrection, we too seek to reflect this pattern of God’s love in action with those in need. Mercy ministry works to alleviate the burdens of our neighbors in Rogers Park by meeting their real and perceived needs through Gospel propelled personable words and deeds. We believe that as we step into people’s lives in this manner, we are not only reflecting Christ’ message and love to our neighbors, but bringing glory to God by imitating Him and giving expression of the mercy He’s given us.

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